WinAssistant V1.0

1. Specific material and moulded part conditions
Material grade
Max. moulded part wall-thickness mm
Max. flow length
(Moulded part + cold runner sprue)
Shot weight
(Moulded part + weight of cold runner)
Shot volume cm³
2. Parameter Default Setting [Initial Setting]
2.1. Temperatures
Melt temperature
Mould wall temperature
Nozzle temperature
Barrel temperature T1
Barrel temperature T2
Barrel temperature T3
Barrel temperature T4
Flange temperature
2.2. Times
Calculated theoretical cooling time s
Other cooling time than calculated s
Holding pressure s
Residual cooling time s
Injection time s
2.3. Plasticating condition
Peripheral screw speed
Peripheral screw speed
Specific holding pressure
Shot volume cm³
Supplement volume cm³
Metering volume cm³
Decompression volume cm³
3. Cycle time
1 Mould closing s
2 Aggregate unit forward s
3 Injection time s
4 Holding pressure time s
5 Residual cooling time s
6 Metering delay s
7 Metering time s
8 Aggregate unit back s
9 Mould opening s
10 Demoulding s
Calc. cycle time s
4. Determination of dryer volume
Cycle time s
Drying temperature
Drying time
Material throughput kg/h
Dryer volume l
5. Determination of screw utilization and residence time
Plasticating unitUnit 1Unit 2
Screw diameter mm mm
Max. volume of metering stroke cm³ cm³
Total screw channel volume cm³ cm³
Hot runner volume cm³ cm³
Metering volume cm³ cm³
Metering stroke mm mm
Screw utilization D D
Material residence time in cylinder s
Material residence time in hot runner s
Total residence time s
6. Force
Injection pressure
Projected area cm²
Closing force to