€93.90 (tax excl.)
This specifically modified powder is intended for visualizing invisible contaminations like fingerprints, mould release agents or preservative agents on uncoated plastic parts to avoid  waste by subsequent covering or...
€23.00 (tax excl.)
The EN-1 developed spray is used to increase the contrast in case of black or dark plastic parts. The white powdery spray allows visualizing through magenta-colouring of PS-2 solution on the dark parts without trouble. 
€69.00 (tax excl.)
The PS-2 medium triggers stress cracks and enables the visualization and the detection of surface defects. The Crack-Knacker has thus particular importance for the quality assurance and improvement for moulded parts....
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Get our best selling guides 'Guide to Surface Defects on Thermoplastic Injection Moulded Parts' and 'Practical basic knowledge for injection moulding' together in a special-priced offer. Detailed information is...
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Our bilingual best-selling work “Guide to surface defects on thermoplastic injection-moulded parts” and the “Guide to the Initial Setting of Injection Moulding Machines” together in German and English at a bargain price.